Sound Money – Essential Feature of a Republic


Québec Libre: Gramme par Gramme

Traduit par Pierre-Jean Lafleur avec l'assistance de l'auteur Saving Canada with Gold Grams (original English language version)   CanadaGoldGrams.html#anchor87697 CONTENTS TABLE DES MATIÈRES Introduction Introduction 1. U.S. Dollar Imperialism 1. Impérialisme du...

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Money in Court: Paving the Road to Ruin

MPEG COMMENTARY - Page 21 June 18, 2002. Fork in the Road: Appeal of Right or the Right Appeal A decade ago in my essay The Golden Sextant, I urged the adoption of a modernized gold standard, both to bring the U.S. monetary system back into conformity with the...

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Gold or Dross? Political Derivatives in Campaign 2000

NEW ESSAY - AUGUST 2000More than a century has passed since gold and money played a leading role in the rhetoric of a presidential campaign. At the Democratic convention of 1896, William Jennings Bryan won the presidential nomination with a speech dishonoring the...

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War Against Gold: Central Banks Fight for Japan

My most recent essay, War against Gold: Central Banks Fight for Japan, appears below. Parts of this essay were posted at (see Recommended Links) on July 11, 1999. For an interesting view on Japan and the yen not inconsistent with the views...

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The Golden Sextant

A recent book entitled Good Money touts "SRI" -- socially responsible investing -- , or how to do good (socially) while doing well (financially).(1) But whatever the legal currency -- dollars, marks, yen, francs or pounds - in which practitioners of SRI make their...

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