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Report of the U.S. Gold Commission, Volume I [11.4 MB]

Report of the U.S. Gold Commission, Volume II [in five separate PDF documents]
Annex A: Supplementary and Dissenting Views, including Minority Report [14.1 MB]

Annex B: Summaries of Statements Submitted to the Commission [7.3 MB]

Annex C: Some Implications of Legal Tender Status of U.S. Currency [219 KB]

Annex D: Continuing Audit of the United States Government-Owned Gold [542 KB]

Annex EContents of the Commission’s Permanent Record [430 KB]
Report of the U.S. Gold Commission, Volume II [as a single PDF document of 68.4 MB]

Hugo Salinas Price, How to Introduce a Silver Coin into Circulation in Mexico: The Hybrid Coin, Paper presented at a Conference on Resumption of the Gold Standard sponsored by the American Institute for Economic Research, May 13-14, 2004 [968 KB]

Roy W. Jastram, Remarks to the Security Analysts Society of San Francisco (December 2, 1981)

Dow/Gold Ratio  – RHH & RKL, December 2000