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11/24/2016 (RHH) - Trump's Trump: Gold
9/14/2015 (RHH) - Pray for The Pope of Gold
7/25/2013 (RHH) - Chinese GPS: Payback in Full with Benefits
8/7/2011 (RHH) - Constitutional Money: Don't Ask, Don't Tell
11/22/2010 (RHH) - Gold Derivatives: Three Years of Contraction and Concentration
10/25/2010 - Court Approves Supplemental Final Distribution in Kinross - Kinam Preferred Class Action Litigation
7/14/2010 (RHH) - Gold Derivatives Update: BIS Swaps
7/1/2010 - Supplemental Notice re Kinross - Kinam Preferred Class Action Litigation
5/24/2010 (RHH) - Gold Derivatives: GLD and Ass Backwardation
1/20/2010 (RKL) - Cass Sunstein Is a Pod Person
1/5/2010 (RHH) - Precious Metals Derivatives: Louder Music, Fewer Chairs
1/5/2010 (RKL) - The Ascent of Hooey
5/25/2009 (RHH) - Gold Derivatives: The Tide Turns
3/2/2009 - Court Approves Settlement of Kinross - Kinam Preferred Class Action Litigation




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